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The Chosen Ones Membership

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The Chosen Ones Membership is a luxury cigar memebership that offers its members the opportunity to experience some of the highest quality cigars in the world. The club's team of experts handpicks each cigar, selecting only the finest examples from top-rated brands and boutique manufacturers.

Membership in The Chosen Ones includes regular shipments of cigars, delivered straight to the member's doorstep. Each shipment includes a curated selection of premium cigars, along with detailed tasting notes and information about the origins and characteristics of each cigar.

In addition to the regular shipments, members of The Chosen Ones also have an opportunity to win the Raffle of the month, each month is a different exclusive Prize!

Overall, The Chosen Ones Membership offers cigar enthusiasts a unique opportunity to explore and indulge in the world of luxury cigars, with the convenience of regular shipments and the expertise of a team of cigar experts.


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